About Us

We are a company full of passion and heart...

Fire Lake Soapery was started by a mother and daughter team, Julie Zoller & Jaclyn Ubert, during their quest for healthier products for themselves and their family. This passion began with being mindful of what they put in their bodies and naturally evolved into being mindful of what they put on their bodies. As a young girl, Julie enjoyed making soap with her grandmother and those fond memories are also the roots of the company. Now, she's making all-natural artisan bars of soap with her daughter that are hand-made in small batches with the highest quality ingredients. With both of their passion and creativity, attention to detail is so important. Fragrances for each product come from essential oils and colors from plant-based powders, all of which contain nourishment for the skin. Also, each bar is hand-stamped and some are topped with beautiful ingredients, such as, dried flowers, so each bar looks as amazing as it smells! You can find FLS products in retail shops our website of course and our Etsy page! FLS is commited to make amazing all natrual products for you and your family... be on the look out for new products to evolve as new passions and research are ongoing!

Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves on using the highest quality ingredients. We don’t cut corners by using inexpensive filler oils or by skimping on essential oils. We stick with trusted recipes and ingredients that have been nourishing the skin of those who use them for centuries. We use 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils (cold-pressed or steam-distilled) and skin safe fragrance oils that contain no phthalates, parabens or synthetic (nitro) musk’s.

Giving Back Locally & Internationally

We're committed to giving back to the local community, as well as communities abroad. We have partnered with many local organizations as well as Respire Haiti teaching hygiene handwashing clinics, and soap making class to provide business opportunities and a better life! Every purchase of FLS products helps to fuel soap and water projects and small scale soap shops. So you can feel good that your purchases will not only give you all-natural products for your family, it will also help families in Haiti to have a healthier cleaner life.

We Can't forget the environment!

With every purchase of our Earth bar 10% goes to grassroots environmental projects and groups. We also do our part by recycling all our recyclable materials, using recyclable packaging and always looking for new ways to cut packaging and manufacturing waste. Plus, we only use ingredients that are good for you and the environment and source responsiblity.