For Businesses and Specialty Stores

Our team of soap artisans are ready to help you achieve a bar that's a perfect fit for you and representation of your company! Simply message us through our "Contact Us" tab and we'll get started!

Things to consider:

     Your logo/custom stamp design  *every bar is hand-stamped

     Color(s)  *from plant-derived ingredients

     Fragrance  *from essential oils

Eco-Friendly Packaging

The mindfulness of what goes into our products also carries over into our packaging. We are inspired by the zero/minimal waste lifestyle, and we strive to make the smallest carbon footprint possible in every aspect of our business. Our goal is for all our packaging to be plastic-free and compostable, and when possible to even use no packaging at all! We know some businesses require certain packaging and labels for printed information and we can accommodate for those. And we also know some business prefer little to zero packaging and we can do that too! (With a little extra skip in our step.)