• powerfully soothes irritated + inflamed skin and combats inflammation
  • leave the skin feeling silky smooth, healthy and radiant
  • can treat burns, irritation, inflammation, or damaged skin
  • the analgesic can also effectively address allergic or asmathic conditions
  • the aroma can help calm nerves and anxiety

Who wouldn’t want all that, right?! We love this bar so much, perfect for before or after shaving to prevent razor burn or ingrown hairs. I searched for quality ingredients sourced safety that would be skin superfoods and this bar is what we dreamed of. 

Antioxidant, anti-aging, relaxing and calming, this balancing, gentle face + body bar softens, leaving your skin supple, hydrated and GLOWING!

It helps neutralize and calm redness from inflammation. It eases flakiness from eczema or psoriasis. And it has aroma-therapeutic properties that actually calm and relax the brain. It helps ease bedtime anxiety, encouraging sleep. It is truly a beauty sleep soap! We love our Blue Tansy Super Food Bar.

Blue Tansy Soothing Bar

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