Charcoal Clarifying Bar

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Charcoal has gained a lot of attention lately as a buzzy ingredient in skin care. Our bar is made with a special activated charcoal powder called Binchotan that comes form Japanise Ubame Oak. Created through a heating and cooling process, it has increased adhesion properties and thoroughly cleanses by acting like a magnet to draw impurities. Our all-natural bar cleanses and detoxifies while maintaining moisture thanks to hydrating Organic Coconut, Olive and Rosehip Seed Oils.

Our formula works well on all skin types, we even have a following with men and teens who can't live without it. Our bar is gentle enough to use daily on both face and body. It just might be your next favorit bar!



saponified 100% food grade organic olive, coconut, rosehip seed and meadowfoam seed oil, purified water, binchotan charcoal, kaolin clay, eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils.....and love!

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