A Wonderful New Trend in Bar Soap

Julie Zoller




Bar soaps of all kinds are making a comeback, and now this includes shampoo bars! With it's numerous benefits, it's easy to see why, and we were super excited to jump on board as we introduced them as a new product this week! After much research we created a hair-loving, all-natural recipe, available in both Rosemary Mint and Sweet Orange & Cedarwood. Whether you're trying to save money, live with less waste or adapt a more simple, minimalist lifestyle, shampoo bars are a great alternative to the liquid shampoos that come in a plastic bottles. Just one shampoo bar can last for 80 - 100 washes and do the job of THREE -16 oz bottles! And at just $8.95, our all-natural shampoo bars are refreshingly affordable, and a great way to save. Also, did you know around 552 million shampoo bottles are thrown away annually? And since most people don't recycle items from the bathroom, that means almost every shampoo bottle ever made is still on this planet! (YUCK!) We also love that they're light-weight, compact and convenient! Keep one in your shower, one in your gym bag and one in your suitcase and you're good to go!

Here at Fire Lake Soapery we believe what you put on your skin and hair matters. Our blend of natural oils and plant-based ingredients focus on loving your skin and hair as well as our environment! It's a win-win-win, for your body, wallet and our planet! So, let's not make this just a trend, let's make it part of a wonderful lifestyle change.



Anything we change that's part of our regular routine can take getting used to, so go into it with an open mind. Some like lathering the bar in their hands first, while others prefer applying it directly to their scalp. Either way works great and the bars lather very well, leaving your hair clean and shiny. If you feel you need a rinse, we recommend a herbal vinegar rinse (message us if you'd like us to start carrying one) that can be applied during your shower or sprayed on afterwards. You could also use a small amount of coconut oil afterwards when your hair is still damp to help condition.


We hope you enjoyed our first blog post!

From all of us here at Fire Lake Soapery, thank you for reading our little blog, for your support of our little soap business and for helping us make a difference!  

Peace, Love & BAR SOAP!